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People Together-8As of July 13, 2015, Non-Group Health Plan Responsible Reporting Entities (NGHP RREs) will officially have the ability to name a Medicare Secondary Payer Designated Recovery Agent to receive copies of all correspondence regarding conditional payments and demands for recovery.

This doesn’t change a tremendous amount in actual practice, since P&C insurers and other RREs have been able to name a recovery agent previously via the “TPA workaround” method.  But now, it’s official with the addition of new fields on the TIN Reference File that will house the recovery agent’s contact information.

What should you look for in a Medicare Designated Recovery Agent?

Certainly, if you’re already working with Flagship Service Group (or any other recovery agent) you’ll want to make the relationship official on Medicare’s new form as outlined in the official release

But even more important than that, if you’re not currently working with a recovery agent – or if you’re not satisfied with the agent you’re working with now – it’s a perfect time to review what you should be looking for in a Medicare Designated Recovery Agent:

  1. Experience – With potentially millions of dollars on the line, you don’t want to be handing over your Medicare Compliance decision making to a brand new, fly-by-night operation, or an old company that doesn’t focus on your specific needs.
  2. Integrity – You need to be able to trust your Recovery Agent if you’re going to gain any level of peace of mind as they work with you on Medicare related claims.  Cutting corners will never work in this industry.
  3. Speed – With some Medicare claims already taking months or even years to resolve, you don’t need a Recovery Agent who’s going to drag their feet getting the recovery process squared away. Time is money.
  4. Efficiency – Both time and accuracy play heavily into how valuable the services of a Recovery Agent can be.  Your optimal partner will be quick but accurate on every single claim so you don’t have to worry about errors or bloated timelines.
  5. The Complete Package – While a number of different companies are willing to take on bits and pieces of the Medicare Compliance issue, you’re going to get the most value from one company that does it all – from vetting all claims to properly identifying all Medicare beneficiaries, through reporting and recovery.

Flagship Services Group – a Recovery Agent You Can be Proud Of

We don’t often take the time to toot our own horn around here.  We prefer to let our awesome clients do that for us, and it happens regularly.

But in this case, we wanted to just lay out why Flagship Services Group would make the perfect Medicare Designated Recovery Agent for you to consider when you sit down on July 13, 2015 to fill out that new TIN form:

  1. Experience – We were one of the first in the industry to focus solely on NGHP Medicare Compliance.  We’ve been in business since 2010 and we’ve grown steadily the entire time.
  2. Integrity – Clients of Flagship trust us with their entire portfolio of Medicare-related claims.  For some of them, it accounts for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. They know our 100% Compliance Guarantee isn’t just empty words; it’s the way we work.
  3. Speed – Because we have some of the best and brightest compliance specialists in the industry working tirelessly with CMS to investigate and resolve claims on behalf of our clients, we often shock them with how quickly we can bring some claims to resolution.
  4. Efficiency – While our specialists are fast, they’re also very careful to remain accurate.  They know even a tiny error in a claim can slow down or even halt a claim’s resolution. So, efficient handling of every case is a priority.
  5. The Complete Package – Unlike many of our competitors who focus almost exclusively on Workers’ Compensation claims, we have the capacity to handle liability, no-fault, and workers’ comp cases equally well. We care for claims “pre-cradle to post-grave.”

So, whether you wait until after July 13th or not, if you’re looking for help achieving 100% Medicare Compliance, contact Flagship Services Group to discuss.


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