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medicare compliance

Resolving a Medicare lien can be costlier and more time consuming than most other claims of similar value and complexity. Part of the reason for this is the relative rarity with which your claims adjusters process these claims. Part of it comes from the fact that Medicare regulations are constantly evolving. And, of course, the intricacies of properly reporting and filing these claims simply take a long time to complete.

We’ve established a simple, three step process for effectively resolving Medicare liens – and really, handling all Medicare compliance issues your company is faced with – quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Partner With Flagship Services Group

The first step is simple: select Flagship as your one stop solution to ensure 100% Medicare compliance. As experts in the Medicare Compliance industry, this is all we do. Our representatives are fully in tune with the latest regulations, have established ongoing relationships with CMS representatives, and have developed a streamlined and effective process. Flagship employees are incredibly good at what we do.

Taking a start-to-finish approach, we will:

  • Review all of your claims to ensure that every single Medicare-related claim is properly identified and processed.

  • Obtain the necessary documents to determine Medicare’s lien amount.

  • Review the claim carefully to remove any erroneous or overstated charges so we’re certain you’re not going to pay a dime more than you legally owe Medicare.

Step 2: Sit back and relax

With Flagship handling your Medicare claims from start to finish, the burden is removed from your claims adjusters and they can go on to handle the lighter claim volume and concentrate on those claims they can handle quickly and efficiently. This makes it easy to keep cycle times, paid costs, and reserves under control.

Step 3: Pay Medicare exactly what you owe them and not a penny more

With our review complete, we will present you with a final demand for payment from Medicare that you can be confident is the very lowest you can legally pay to close that claim.

Once you write that check, your job is over. We will obtain the necessary documentation to close the claim with Medicare.

Contact us for details that are specific to your company.


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