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Flagship Service Group’s mission is to provide all aspects of Medicare compliance. To achieve this goal, we approach Medicare compliance from every angle. By doing so, we’re able to fully mitigate the risks and exposures our clients experience.

So, we put great value in having medical expertise at our fingertips. It’s crucial that we have someone in-house who has the experience necessary to evaluate the critical medical component of our process. At Flagship Services Group, that person is Deanna Hartman, our Director of Medical Review.

Meet Deanna Hartman, Flagship’s Director of Medical Review

Deanna has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. This powerful educational combination has led to a varied career in critical care and emergency nursing, teaching at the clinical level, as well as case management for an insurance company.

Through these positions, Deanna has repeatedly been exposed to Medicare-related billing and compliance situations from every angle: the patient, the insurance company, and the clinical side.

From an insurance point of view, her experience in case management required her to seek out that sometimes difficult balance between quality care and cost control. Likewise, whether working with a hospital or physician’s group, she needed to stay focused on what Medicare does and does not allow and how to best utilize the system for the sake of the patient. Doing so effectively requires a deep understanding of treatment guidelines and evidence-based medicine, as well as the standards set by both Medicare and The Joint Commission.

As Director of Medical Review for Flagship Services Group, Deanna’s extensive knowledge and experience help her take a consultative approach to assisting our clients in resolving complex cases related to medical needs, Medicare, Workers’ Compensation, and future care costs.

“Viewing the world of injury and recovery through both clinical and administrative lenses gives me a unique perspective on obtaining the best outcome for all parties,” Hartman noted, “and it’s exciting to be able to do that for Flagship clients.”

Looking ahead

Discussing Flagship’s growth in connection with announcements concerning Medicare’s new CRC program (officially launched on October 5), Deanna stated,

“Flagship has been a leader in the Medicare compliance industry since its inception in 2007, and we’re in an excellent place to maintain and grow that positioning. I’ve been privileged to be a part of it for more than a year now, and I’m looking forward to helping a lot more clients in the future.”

With the launch of Medicare’s CRC program early in October, Flagship’s commitment to the full circle of Medicare compliance – including the medical review – becomes even more important.  


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