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We’ve known for some time that big changes were coming to the way Medicare handles recovery of conditional payments on non-group health plan and no-fault personal injury claims. It’s as if we could see the clouds forming on the horizon, and knew a storm was building, but the details were still hazy.

It has become clearer.

With new information from the most recent Medicare announcements (as of September 18th) afree ebook download - Preparing for Medicare's Commercial Repayment Center nd the clearest available explanations, every P&C insurance professional should be scrambling to read our newest white paper, “The Storm is Coming: Preparing for Medicare’s Commercial Repayment Center (CRC) Launch.”

In this brief but information-packed read, you’ll find answers to the following important questions:

  • What is the CRC?
  • What is different about the Medicare Commercial Repayment Center compared to the previous reporting and recovery arrangements?
  • Why does the new CRC program represent potential risk to unprepared insurance companies?
  • Which claims are affected by these changes?
  • Is there any sort of appeals process in place?

What action do I need to take today? Don’t hesitate to download this free guide immediately and get your company moving in the right direction before you start getting Conditional Payment Notices. In addition to the free guide itself, we’ll also be sending you up-to-the minute updates and recommendations as the program launches and progresses.

If you have any questions at all moving forward, we’re delighted to help. Flagship Services Group is a leading provider of Medicare compliance solutions for P&C insurance companies nationwide.



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