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The Flagship Difference

Flagship Services Group partners with you to provide an MSA that fits each unique claim and strategy.

Flagship specializes in providing comprehensive Medicare compliance programs according to Medicare Secondary Payer requirements, including Section 111 Reporting, Conditional Payment Lien resolution and cost containment services.

Creating and administering WCMSAs is just one piece in that puzzle. Flagship’s priority is to offer a consultative and flexible approach in creating a unique customized program for each of our clients.

Flagship WCMSA ChartConsultation

Flagship takes a “hands-on” approach to developing every WCMSA. We consult with you upon receipt of the case, throughout the settlement and report phases, and after the report is published or submission results are back.

Case File Review

Flagship identifies gaps in information and requests documentation as needed to support your claims management strategy. We don’t simply write a WCMSA based on Medicare’s minimum requirements. We further investigate and provide recommendations.

Medical Chronology

Flagship creates a narrative time line related to the treatment of the injury, written as a medical analysis based on facts, rather than the subjective impressions of visits.

Bill Review

Flagship manually reviews bills and payment ledgers to identify gaps in records or payments that have no supporting documentation to substantiate them. This additional step identifies treatments that have occurred with unfavorable outcomes and thus were not included for review.

Documentation of Care Plan and Cost Protection

Flagship includes evidenced-based treatment guidelines, Medicare rules and regulations, and physician documentation in each custom written care plan rather than simply listing treatments, medications and pricing.

Review of Medication

Flagship takes the time to list and price all medications. In addition, we look at efficacy, contraindications, compliance, and Medicare approved uses. We also verify that each medication was prescribed for the direct injury and cannot be ruled out for generalized, pre-existing, or related conditions/injury. If necessary, we conduct a Pharmaceutical Analysis for cost containment.

Summary and Recommendation

Flagship provides an interpretation of the report that accompanies a published WCMSA. Based on the outcome and analysis of each unique case, we also recommend action items needed to meet your strategic goals at this time. If you choose to submit the WCMSA to Medicare, we will repeat this step.


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